We all have people and things that inspire us. Designers typically have a source of inspiration we refer to as a muse (a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist). I'm no different. I've had 2 muses from the moment I was born into this world because fortunately I can proudly call both my mom and my late grandmother my muses. They have always been great examples of timeless style, elegance, confidence and strength. The photo you see is about 18 years old (mom on left, grandma on right) and these outfits could easily still be pulled off today in 2018 without coming across as dated. I've always loved to see lady in a great pant suit...How about you? My mom has always had a style that was more on the quirky side of sophistication (as you can see in her Great Gatsby themed ensemble she recently wore to a costume party...headband designed by yours truly) while my grandma leaned more towards classic elegant pieces (She was more of a Chanel type of girl). I would have to say that because of both influences I'm a mixture of both. So when you look at my jewelry I hope you are able to easily see my tributes to both my mom and my grandma. I love to create things that are not only on trend. But they have to also have some sort of personal meaning to me as well. So whenever you wear a piece of Feather by Jetaun jewelry know that it was inspired by 2 of the world’s most special ladies (my mom, Sheila and my grandma, Dorothy) and that my creations have come from a special place in my heart. God Bless!  

P.S. Let me know in the comments section who you consider a muse and why.